Event at North West Parking Lot Bus Depot

Westroads Mall

ORBT - Omaha's newest Transport System at North West Parking Lot Bus Depot

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ORBT is the biggest transit investment the region has seen in decades!


ORBT is Omaha Rapid Bus Transit, a new service from Metro that will unite smart technology and streamlined travel for faster, more frequent public transportation. Enhanced stationsspacious vehicles, and travel upgrades will connect more people, more frequently.

ORBT is the biggest transit investment the region has seen in decades. It will make Omaha more competitive with other metropolitan areas by attracting talented employees and innovative businesses. It will increase mobility, save money, boost development, reduce emissions, and connect the region.

It’s a strong step toward the transportation that Omaha wants and needs, as we’ve heard around the region.

It’s stellar transit. And it’s really out there. Watch for its launch next fall!

The Route -

ORBT’s trajectory will run from Westroads Mall  to downtown Omaha. It’ll connect major destinations along Dodge and Douglas – education, employment, neighborhoods, hospitals, recreation, retail, and more!

ORBT will stop less frequently than our local bus routes, helping you reach your destination faster.

It will intersect with almost every other bus route that we offer, so your connections will be more convenient.

And, as futuristic as this already seems, we’re looking even further down the road at other lines to create a network of rapid transit citywide.